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About Haunted House Movie Production

Haunted House, a digital feature, was shot mainly in Southern California in June, 2000. The exterior locations were shot at a farm house outside Santa Paula, California, and the interior locations were shot at the historic Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, California, soon after its purchase by the Camarillo Ranch Foundation and prior to renovations of its interior. (In addition to being located in an urban area, renovations of the exterior were in progress at the time, so the filmmakers were forced to use a different location for the exterior shots.)

The scenes involving the train and railroad tracks, which were provided by Yolo Shortline Railroad Company, of Woodland, California, were shot outside Sacramento, California with a second unit.

Originally, the film was scheduled to be shot entirely in the Sacramento area, but negotiations for the house fell through three weeks prior to the start date.

Haunted House marks the directorial debut of screenwriter Conrad John, who also served as writer and producer. The cast is made up of unknowns with limited film experience, which the filmmakers believe add to the freshness of the picture. The film was co-produced by Scott Pearlman and Jonathan Engel, and line produced by James Davey, all newcomers, who helped make this picture come to fruition with only two weeks preparation (due to the last-minute change in film sites).

The score was composed by award-winning composer Geoff Levin, and the sound design and mixing was done by Ben Zarai, with Juniper Post in Burbank, California. It has a full M & E track and was mixed in Dolby Surround Sound Stereo.

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